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Heart attack

Understanding Heart Attack

Acute coronary syndrome, also known as a heart attack, is a serious heart disorder when the heart muscle does not have a smooth blood flow. This situation will interfere with the function of the heart to circulate blood throughout the body. Another term in the medical world, a heart attack is also known as a myocardial infarction.

A heart attack must occur due to difficulty and obstruction of blood flow to the heart muscle. The main cause of this condition is coronary heart disease, a condition that is blockage of the blood vessels that supply blood quickly to the heart (coronary blood vessels).

This is due to your unconscious cholesterol deposits that form plaques on the walls of blood vessels. This is the reason why high cholesterol can put you at risk for heart disease and leaving your beloved family because you will experience death.

Heart Attack Symptoms, Heart Attack
Ilustration : Heart Attack Symptoms

This condition of your body will be exacerbated by the formation of very many blood clots, so that these clots can completely block your blood vessels and cause a sudden heart attack in your body.

Heart attack

Heart Attack Symptoms

There are several symptoms that you can feel as a heart attack sufferer that tastes very bad, including:

- Instant chest pain that you can't stand the pain
- Shortness of breath or heavy breathing,
 -Unexplained headaches
- Restless feeling like when you meet your girlfriend for the first time,
- Cold sweat all over or in parts of the body,

However, it is very scary when, there are heart attack sufferers who do not experience symptoms and immediately experience sudden cardiac arrest as in some cases.

Heart Attack Treatment

A heart attack is an emergency that needs to be treated as soon as possible. Therefore, ask the closest people around you to go to the hospital immediately if you experience symptoms of a heart attack.

Treatment that may be given by the doctor can be in the form of drugs or the installation of a heart ring which could be because your heart has a leak. The method of treatment depends on the severity of the heart attack and the timing of the symptoms.

Heart Attack Complications

Your heart attack is severe or too late to treat it can cause complications that can result in death for you or others. These complications include:

- Arrhythmia
- Heart failure
- Cardiogenic shock
- Broken heart
- Heart Attack Prevention

Heart attacks that may occur can be prevented by you by adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as:

- Increase consumption of unsaturated fats and fiber
- Eliminate fat that has accumulated in the stomach and other body parts
- Treating diabetes and hypertension
- Exercise regularly
- Quit smoking
- Avoid alcoholic beverages you better stop
- Manage stress properly and correctly

This is complete information about heart attacks. Make sure you know it and prevent it because you will experience excruciating pain if you don't try to prevent it. *Tiffany

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