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How to Choose the Best Insurance

Just built a family? It's a good thing for insurance to be part of your family planning. Here's why and how to choose insurance for your family!

If you have just entered the marriage stage, living happily with a small family is certainly a top priority. Therefore, many young couples are starting to choose to provide extra protection for their small families to ensure comfort in the future.

However, choosing insurance for the family is not an easy thing, loh. With so many insurance companies offering a variety of benefits through their insurance products, many new couples are confused about determining which insurance is right. If you are one of those who are confused, there is no need to worry. Let's see how to choose the best insurance for you and your family here!

How to Choose the Best Insurance

How to Choose the Best Insurance
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Choosing an Insurance Product that Suits Family Finances

How to choose the best insurance for the family first is to choose benefits that suit your condition. Usually, the insurance agent in charge will offer a variety of health insurance products or life insurance for families. But, before deciding, it's a good thing to consider other things such as investing, saving, paying bills, and so on.

When other needs have been met, then you can have health insurance products or life insurance for families whose premiums are in accordance with your finances.

Get to know the insurance companies that offer their products

There is no need to rush in choosing an insurance product. Because, one way to choose the best insurance for the family is to do enough research. The goal is that you can determine health insurance or life insurance for the most appropriate family.

To avoid the risk of loss at a later date, learn the background of the insurance company you will choose. Find out its credibility and reputation and do not let you get too lulled by the many guarantees offered from the insurance products they have.

Choose Insurance that Provides Protection for Family Members

Currently there are many companies that offer protection products for all family members in one premium. Thus, your child, wife, or even parents can be included in the protection coverage even if you only pay one premium each month.

But, it should also be noted that the premium paid may be greater because the number of insured is more than one person. However, this is not a big deal if the benefits of protection offered are also worth it.

Pay Attention to the Amount of Premiums Offered by Insurance

How to choose the next best insurance that you need to pay attention to is the large premiums given. When doing this, adjust the amount of premiums to the circumstances of your family. Do not let the amount of premiums that you have to pay is even burdensome so that other needs can not be met.

There are various insurance premiums that you can choose from, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. The greater the premium paid, the greater the protection benefits you can get. Do not forget to keep adjusting to financial capabilities because it can reduce the risk of late paying premiums and termination of benefits.

Insurance Partner Hospital

How to choose health insurance for families that you can follow next is to check the list of hospitals of insurance partners. Because, this can also be used as a reference in assessing the credibility of insurance companies. 

The more hospitals that have become partners, of course, the easier it is for you to use the insurance. If necessary, make sure there is at least one insurance partner health facility near where you live.

Services Provided by insurance companies

Tips on choosing the next health insurance is to pay attention to the flexibility offered. Choose a health insurance product that allows you to change premiums or benefits flexibly. This will certainly make it easier for you to adjust your financial plan at a later date.

Furthermore, how to choose the best insurance product for the family is to pay attention to the services provided by the insurance company itself. Choose an insurance company that provides more services and provides many benefits, such as 24-hour customer care service. So, if in the future something untoward happens, you can easily get information quickly.

If you talk about insurance, surely what comes to your mind is a form of protection in the future. Apparently, there are currently many insurance companies that not only offer protection guarantees against health, life, education, and vehicles but also offer investment insurance. This insurance is one of the breakthrough insurance products that you can choose. So, what is investment insurance?

What is Investment Insurance?

Investment insurance allows you to get two benefits in one product, namely fund development and also protection. Not much different from other investment instruments, the more you can maximize the insurance, the safer the investment you have.

Advantages of Investment Insurance

Many state that this insurance can provide multiple benefits for investment for the following reasons:

Moving Risk

Similar to the principle of insurance in general, participants can transfer the risk to the insurance company by paying premiums that are quite affordable in each month.

Discipline of Setting Aside Money

Because participants are required to pay a certain amount of premiums each month, then automatically participants will be more disciplined in setting aside money to pay premiums.

Providing Financial Protection

When viewed from the system, insurance can provide protection or security in financial conditions. If the financial condition is not too good, you do not need to worry about things that have been insured. Thus, your finances are protected with the insurance product plan.

Combined with investment

With the existence of investment insurance or better known as unit link, participants will pay a premium where the premium is also used to pay for investments. The amount of insurance and investment depends on the ability of insurance participants. You can choose a larger investment or greater insurance.

After knowing what are the advantages and benefits of investment insurance, the following is a brief explanation of how investment insurance works:

The premium you pay will go to the type of investment you choose, such as stocks, bonds, mixed or money markets. Later, this will result in a Policy Value. But the premium will be deducted in order to pay for the acquisition costs at the beginning of the purchase. So the premium that will come in for the investment is the net cost that has been paid to the company.

If the value of the policy can still cover the cost of insurance, then the insurance protection guarantee will also continue to be activated. But if the value of the policy is not enough to pay the cost of insurance, then the policy protection will be stopped. If this happens, then the customer will be asked to pay a certain amount of additional funds in addition to premiums that are routinely paid.

After knowing how investment insurance works, then, what is the right solution in choosing an investment insurance product? One way that you can do is to know in advance what kind of investment needs are needed. If you have a relatively low investment need, then you can think again to use insurance on the investment.

Those are the things to know before choosing the best investment insurance according to your needs. Secure the future of the family with an investment insurance policy that can help handle the financial needs of prospective insured in the future. *Jumaatul Inayah

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